History of Skydive Barnstable

Dear First-Time Skydiver:

When I joined the sport in 2008, I knew that skydiving would change me forever. My first skydive (a tandem jump out of a humble outfit, just like the one you'll be making) filled me with an indescribable sense of achievement which has, in turn, fueled many of my broader life accomplishments.

My first few hundred skydives affirmed my desire to share this feeling with others and I knew there was a better way to do it.

I often reflect on David Ogilvy's famous saying "Hire people who are smaller than you, you'll have a team of little people. Hire people who are bigger than you, you'll have a team of giants." This is our founding philosophy at Skydive Barnstable.

You see, Skydive Barnstable was founded with two other partners - together we have over 40 years in the sport, more than 10,000 jumps between us, and experience running several other successful skydiving businesses around the country. So when our doors opened on Cape Cod in 2013, we knew we had something special. Our industry experience, top of the line equipment and operating standards, combined with the world-class talent that we assemble every season to work for us, are ingredients enough for success.

But our team of giants is more than that. Our team also includes customers like you.  Our 2013 season proved that the infectious enthusiasm of first-timers just like you, from Boston, Providence and all over New England really does make Skydive Barnstable a team of giants. Without you, we can only relive the joy of each skydive for ourselves...and the sport is really about achieving things together.

So I'd like to invite you to join our team this skydiving season at Barnstable. Come jump with giants and learn what it's like to experience great achievement in tandem.

Blue Skies,

Andrew G.
Owner, Skydive Barnstable
USPA A-52605, FAA Senior Parachute Rigger, FAA Pilot ASEL and 2Lt (USAF)

Skydive Barnstable Owner Parachuting


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