Video and Photography Services

There’s no better way to make your skydive memorable than to capture it on video or in high resolution photos. That’s why we offer expert video and photography services.

To address a variety of needs we offer a basic as well as a premiere package – both include video and photo services for the price. Refer to the comparison chart below to help decide which one is right for you.

Basic Package

FreeFly Package

Instructor Handcam Footage

Facebook-Ready Frame Stills

Freefall Capture

Canopy Flight Capture

24-48 Hour Digital Cloud Access

Dedicated Video Flyer

Enhanced Freefall 360° Capture

Enhanced Landing 360° Capture

High-Resolution Photography

Professionally Produced Video

(Can Be Added)


Call For Spring Pricing!

Call For Spring Pricing!

Getting video on a skydive

Wondering if you can bring your own camera or GoPro on the jump? Check out our blog post on bringing cameras on a skydive.