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Why Weather Matters

You drive to the airport, adrenaline-charged and wearing a nervous smile in anticipation of your first skydive. Blue skies abound. As you pull in to park you notice a cluster of clouds in the distance and soon find out (from the friendly greeter at the Dropzone) that your jump is on a weather hold for […]

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Can I Bring My Camera On A Skydive?

Advances in technology have made professional grade cameras and video gear more accessible than ever. Many first-timers show up to the dropzone with their GoPros or other action cams ready to capture their adventure but don’t know about the safety issues involved. So what’s the deal? Can I bring my camera on my skydive? The […]

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Where To Skydive In Massachusetts

Picking the right place to make your first jump can be daunting. After all, deciding where to skydive in Massachusetts (or even in other states like Rhode Island, Connecticut or elsewhere in New England) can literally mean putting your life in someone else’s hands. So what are the important factors for finding the right place? […]

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What Does It Feel Like To Skydive?

Amber’s heart was pounding as the door opened, the wind filling the plane’s cabin. Her instructor cautiously maneuvered them, harnessed together, into the doorway, feet on the step and facing the prop blast. It was loud and windy – and then in a single moment, decisively, Amber lept into the sky… For many, skydiving is […]

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How Safe Is Skydiving?

“Is It Safe To Skydive?” The single most common question we get from first-timers always pertains to the risks involved in Skydiving. The short answer is that it is actually safer than you think but like most things in life there is more to it than a simple "safe" or "unsafe" label. Generally, skydiving is […]

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What To Wear On a Skydive?

The Do's and Don'ts of Skydiving Fashion The history of our sport is rich with fashion faux-pas. Ranging from modified military gear (old surplus jumpsuits, boots and helmets were all the rage when skydivers were just figuring things out) to sleek, multi-colored high tech apparel, there are a lot of options for first-timers and professional […]

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Our blog is the essential guide to first-time Skydiving in Boston, Providence and beautiful Cape Cod. Enjoy!

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