Q. What are the requirements to jump?
A. You must be 18+ and need to bring a valid, government-issued photo ID. Maximum weight limit is 220lbs (exceptions made on a case-by-case basis). Should be in reasonable shape (able to kneel, move arms freely, etc.)

Q. Do I have to do a Tandem?
A. We specialize in first-time experiences and there is no safer and easier way to jump than to do a Tandem Skydive. As such, we only offer tandems but can cater your experience to prepare you for future jumps and training programs like AFF.

Q. Can I bring a friend?
A. Absolutely - the more the merrier! We can't guarantee your friend can jump without a reservation but bring them anyway and they can at the very least spectate and enjoy your jump from the ground.

Q. Do you require reservations?
A. Due to popularity of our destination on the Cape and the busy summer schedule, we do ask that you reserve ahead of time. Please book through our online reservation system.

Q. I've never skydived before - what do I need to do?
A. Since first-time skydives is our specialty, you'll actually need to do very little aside from show up and be eager to learn and listen and are able to understand English proficiently. Once you reserve your jump, be sure to read through our What to Expect and Safety pages to get an idea of the process and to understand just how much we do on our end to make it easy for you.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Basically you'll want to wear anything comfortable. Typically t-shirts and jeans do the trick, and sneakers are a MUST.

Q. Can I drink alcohol and skydive?
A. Absolutely no alcohol or other intoxicants are to be taken before or during your skydive. It's for your own safety. You can celebrate with a brew after the jump once off the airport :).

Q. What is it like to make a skydive?
A. We hate to say it but it is truly one of those things you can't describe - you have to try it for yourself.

Q. Is it safe to jump?
A. Safety is our first priority at Skydive Barnstable. As a group member of the United States Parachute Association, we abide by all USPA best-practices in operating and training, as well as in full compliance with FAA regulations. That said, skydiving is indeed a risky activity that we work very hard to mitigate into a repeatable, fun experience. We strongly recommend for you to read through our blog post on safety. It's important for you to understand that we go to great lengths to keep everyone safe (we want to live too!) but that obviously it is possible to be injured even fatally during a jump.

Q. Are there other things to do in the area?
A. One of the many reasons first-timers from Boston, Rhode Island and all over New England come to jump with us is because of the sheer number of things to do on Cape Cod. From camping, just 5 minutes away from the dropzone, to B 'n B's, beaches, lakes, trails and many more there are tons of activities for the whole family to enjoy when you come out for your skydive.

Q. Should I bring lunch or eat before my jump?
A. It's not a bad idea to bring some snacks or sustenance for your visit. Skydiving can be a full-day event and while there are plenty of local restaurants and attractions for before and after your jump, you may want to bring something for your time at the airport. Be sure to eat lightly before you jump, the same way you would at a theme park (you don't want to get sick but you'll need your energy).

Q. When should I arrive?
A. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your jump and plan to be at the airport for a good portion of the day.

Q. Can I just show up and jump without a reservation?
A. It's not recommended. We schedule all of our jumps carefully to make sure that during the busy spring and summer season all of our customers get the individualized attention they deserve. Please call before showing up to see if we can fit you in.

Q. I'm planning a weekend trip to the Cape. What else can we do nearby?
A. Lots of things! Many of our first-timers come out and spend the weekend at the Cape. We have nearby camping, great seafood and restaurants, shopping centers along with the usual trails, wildlife preserves and beaches that Cape Cod is known for. Check out some of our recommended attraction on our Location page.

Q. What if we have bad weather?
A. Weather does show up on the Cape from time to time but for the most part we can wait it out successfully. If, on the day of your jump, the forecast looks truly inclement (thunderstorms all day, tornados, serious weather) we will call you to reschedule. You may also call us for any questions if you are unsure.

Q. Can I cancel at any time?
A. We have a 72-hour policy. Deposits are non-refundable.

Q. How do I reschedule if something came up last minute?
A. Please call us if you need to reschedule. Normally we can work closely with you to accommodate last minute changes but no-shows and changes within the 72-hour policy window will be considered a late cancellation. Exceptions may be made for extraneous situations on a case-by-case basis.

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