Safety and Preparation

The single most common question we get from first-timers always pertains to the risks involved in Skydiving. The short answer is that it is actually safer than you think but like most things in life there are inherent risks to be mindful of.

For an in-depth look at the risks and safety procedures involved in skydiving check out our blog post How Safe Is Skydiving? >>.

Safety at Skydive Barnstable

Our #1 Priority

First time Skydivers from Boston just like John experience safe tandem jumps over Cape Cod all spring and summer. Check it out!

Plane Safety

Equipment Safety

Instructional Safety

Location Safety


Safe Planes

Our jumpship, a Cessna 182 registered N8775X with the FAA, is the heart of our operation.

  • C182's are considered the 'workhorse' of the skydiving industry. We wouldn't have any other plane than what's tried and true.
  • Our plane has a Cessna-approved engine, and certified modifications to climb faster and further and more reliably than others.
  • Our Chief Pilot has thousands of hours as Pilot in Command, with decades of experience as a commercial pilot, is multi-rated and is also a jumpmaster - he knows how to fly skydivers and he does it well.
  • We maintain our aircraft on-site and have dedicated mechanics who know the aircraft inside and out.
  • We use satellite-GPS technology to accurately spot our exit points and jump trajectories from the plane. Believe it or not, some dropzones just "eyeball it" every time.

Our gear is top of the line, includes emergency safety features and is impeccably maintained by expert parachute riggers.

  • We jump specialized Tandem Sigma Rigs from United Parachute Technologies (the inventor of Tandem Skydiving).
  • All of our parachutes are packed by an expert parachute compression engineer.
  • Every system we have includes emergency cutaway mechanisms and backup "reserve" parachutes just in case.
  • The reserve parachutes in every system are inspected, maintained and repacked every 180 days by an FAA certified parachute rigger.
  • All of our systems include Automatic Activation Devices which, in the event of an emergency can deploy the parachute without any action from the instructor.

Safe Equipment

Safe Instructors

Skydive Barnstable staff are highly-trained, experienced skydiving specialists with an infectious passion for the sport.

  • All of our instructors are USPA-certified, hold FAA medical registrations and have been rigorously trained through intensive professional skydiving programs.
  • Many of our staff hold CPR and first-responder certifications.
  • Our Tandem Masters hold hundreds (some have thousands) of Tandem skydives. Many are experienced in sport jumping with thousands of jumps in other disciplines including Competitive Swooping, Freeflying, Wingsuits and other forms of aviation.
  • Our staff choose the best in personal skydiving equipment including digital altimeters, audibles, action-capture video technology and other tools that keep everyone safe.
  • Even our non-instructing staff are highly skilled, professional skydivers with vocations in rigging, general aviation, paragliding, and more.

We're located at Cape Cod Airfield in Barnstable, MA.

  • The airport, to our advantage, is a massive open field large enough for even the trickiest of landing approaches.
  • We have a dedicated on-site mechanic who knows our plane and understands skydiving.
  • Our standing with the township and great relationship with the airport manager allow us to provide a thrilling Cape Cod experience.

Safe Location


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