What To Expect

The Tandem Skydiving Process at Skydive Barnstable

At Skydive Barnstable you'll enjoy a jump over Cape Cod, with views of New England, Boston, Providence and beautiful beaches. To make your jump easy and safe we keep our jump process down to 3 simple steps.

1. Welcome and Prep

2. Safety Checks and Training

3. Gear Up and Go!

1. Welcome and Prep

The fun begins!

Preparing for your first skydive actually begins before you even leave your home.

Preparing to Tandem Skydive near Boston
A few pro-tips for the day of your jump:

  • Check the weather before you leave and call us if you have any doubts.
  • Arrive at least 30min early and plan to spend most of the day at the airport. With all the prep, training and activities available (outdoor bbq, q&a, etc.) you'll see that skydiving is more involved than just "show up and go up".
  • Dress for success - sneakers, t-shirts and jeans (or shorts) are fine. Anything hard to maneuver in (e.g. miniskirts, baggie pants, your tuxedo) won't work. And seriously, bring sneakers.

When you arrive, we'll welcome you and have you register.

Registration includes signing a legal waiver (usually the scariest part of the jump) and watching a short video . At this time you can also request a video and photography stills package for your jump.

2. Safety Checks and Training

Get Your Gear and Have No Fear

Safety is our priority so we'll ask you to pay close attention during your training brief.

After being welcomed to our Cape Cod-based dropzone, you'll learn and practice the following with an instructor:
Tandem Safety and Training at Skydive Barnstable

  1. How we sit securely in the airplane during takeoff and ascent.
  2. How to safely exit the aircraft together as the plane reaches jump altitude and the transition into freefall
  3. Proper free-fall body position as we jump over Cape Cod so you can enjoy the beautiful Providence, Boston and Cape Cod vistas
  4. What the parachute ride is like as our canopy inflates smoothly overhead and gracefully descends back to the airport
  5. How we perform our landing

After training, we'll fit you for goggles and safety equipment and you'll meet the instructor who will be harnessed to you during the jump. We'll also have you don the tandem passenger harness so we can make adjustments and instruct you on the fit before you get in the plane.

Throughout the entire process our staff are available for questions and will be performing safety checks and otherwise working to make sure you have an incredible skydive.

3. Gear Up and Go!

Enjoy 10,000 feet of adrenaline rush over Cape Cod and New England

Once you've donned your gear and had a safety briefing you'll be ready to make your jump.

About to Tandem jump over Cape Cod
This is the time for us to make final adjustments on your harness, answer any remaining questions you might have, and for you to enjoy any down time before getting in the plane. You're now ready to board our jump-plane and make the leap of a lifetime with an experienced Tandem Instructor.

Note: Skydiving is typically an all-day activity for many reasons (including weather holds, training, and delays from large groups that may arrive at the airport before you) so plan with that in mind! We ask that you be open to rescheduling if inclement weather forces us to move your reservation. It's rare, but it does happen.

Expect to celebrate back on the ground with an official certificate to log your first jump and a grin to match the indescribable feeling of having jumped out of a plane.


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