Pricing & Skydive Policies



A basic skydive costs $289 per person (includes the initial $50 deposit). For military and veterans jumps are $199. Weekday jumps (Monday-Thursday) are offered at a significant cash discount (call for pricing!) For groups of 6+ you pay $209 per person and for groups of 10+ you pay $199!

Note: To fully price out a jump with videos, extra altitude or other add-ons please do so via our reservation calendar.


Reservation Deposits

Every reservation requires a $50 non-refundable deposit. This deposit is a one-time fee that goes directly towards the balance of your skydive (so you can apply it towards your skydive, videos, extra altitude or share it with your buddies) and is good for the season in which it is paid. We keep it to confirm you’re committed since we have a limited number of days and slots to jump every season. If you have a Groupon or Living Social voucher, there is an additional gear rental fee that you can apply this deposit towards before paying the balance on the day of your jump. Note that the deposit may be larger depending on the size of your group (see below). Lastly, deposits are transferrable within the season in case you need to change your jump date or have someone jump in your place.



Our group pricing is outlined above. In order to make a group reservation you can do so 4 people at a time on our website. For example, if you are a group of 6, simply make one reservation for the first 4 and then a second reservation during an adjacent time block (if there are 2 or more slots available). Remember there is a $50 deposit for every reservation.



We offer additional skydiving options to make your experience that much cooler including extra altitude, photo/video packages, and so forth. Please note that when you are booking you have the option to pre-pay for those but most people decide the day of their jump which is totally fine! You may go through our reservation screen to check prices.


Weather and Rescheduling Fees

Weather happens – a lot, and changes rapidly. It’s one of the more challenging aspects of our sport and a source of frustration for us. If we cannot jump due to weather issues we will simply ask to reschedule (no fees!) so we’ll need you to stay flexible; we will never compromise on safety if we can help it! You can just check our calendar for open slots and let us know what works for you. However, we do ask that you let our staff (the aviation experts!) do our jobs and make the call on weather. Your phone’s weather app doesn’t have the aviation reports that we get for skydiving weather so just wait to hear from us if weather looks tricky. No news is good news!

What about regular rescheduling? We have no problem if you need to reschedule but please notify us 72-hours from your jump or more. If you notify us too late it is a bit unfair to others who could have booked your jump date. Not only that, but aviation is an expensive industry and our schedule is carefully curated so that we can keep the plane full and flying to keep skydiving prices low! That means that for any late reschedules or no-shows we reserve the right to charge an extra $50 late fee.


Medical Conditions

Please disclose serious medical conditions to us beforehand! We have had to turn away people who forgot to mention their “occasional narcolepsy” until the day of the jump and we cannot refund the initial deposit. If you do have a serious condition but your physician is willing to clear you, just bring your doctor’s note along with his/her medical credential (name/practice/medical license number). We have been able to do many amazing jumps including folks in their 90′s, a gentleman with five heart-bypass surgeries and more, and it is incredibly rewarding if you are willing to put in the work to make your skydive happen. With that said, depending on your condition we still reserve the right to turn you away if we believe it represents an unacceptable additional risk to yourself or our instructors. So again, make sure to disclose your condition to us beforehand!

Lastly, we like to make it clear that if we do not think you are adequately prepared to make your skydive (for example if you are hungover/intoxicated, not physically fit enough, etc.) we do reserve the right to turn you away without a refund of the initial deposit. Jumping with us is easy since we do Tandem Skydiving and have instructors who do most of the work for you. However, if you are so out of shape that you cannot lift your legs for the landing or are hungover or otherwise intoxicated/impaired you could be putting OUR lives at jeopardy in addition to your own – and we always put safety first.


Overweight Jumpers

We are able to take folks on the heavier side up to a maximum of 225lbs (pending approval by the instructor based on your body shape and level of mobility). Please understand that we are physically hauling our passengers when we are connected and the extra work creates wear and tear on our bodies. Therefore we charge an overweight fee of $2 for every pound over 200 – this fee goes directly to the instructors for the extra work and they usually put it into their hip replacement fund for their senior citizen days :). Please note that due to requirements from the equipment manufacturers and USPA regulations we have to carefully pair up certain students with certain instructors. Weight plays a big role in this pairing and if both students/passengers are overweight we may need to split up the group to make your skydive happen. It’s rare but we like to set the right expectation in case we need to do something like that to give you a safer skydiving experience.


English Proficiency

Unfortunately due to safety restrictions we are only able to take individuals who are proficient in English. Not only is it legally enforced on our waiver but the rule is a simple practical matter. Tandem skydives can only be made through the cooperation of two individuals – both the student and instructor. If a student were to require a translator or did not speak English, a life saving command given during an in-air emergency may go unreceived and could result in injury or even death.


Taxes or Other Fees

Since we are a service company we do not have to charge sales tax (hurray!) On occasion we will have merchandise specials so be sure to bring cash just in case. The only other fees you might pay are to our booking agency The charge is usually added during checkout and covers the convenience of booking online and/or paying with a credit card – the fee is commensurate with the total amount you are spending and usually works out to a few dollars although they change their fee often. We will always disclose any fees to you when it comes to pricing and you should have receipts and confirmations for everything via email.